Eric’s mission is to encourage and inspire God’s people to worship Him in spirit and truth, both through music, and through living daily for His glory. His music is contemporary and energetic, with a focus on corporate worship.

Eric has led worship at multiple venues and events, and has coordinated and led multiple worship team training seminars. He has a deep passion for encouraging the Lord’s people to lift up His name in worship.  He can lead with a band of musicians from his worship team, or lead with an existing church’s band.


Recent Testimonial:

Eric Kneifel has an awesome heart and a ton of musical ability that need to be used. He can write songs, plan unique worship services, build creative song arrangements, and effectively lead any worship team. Eric is a very positive and encouraging person to work with. I have witnessed him build the character and abilities of a worship team as well as put on worship training seminars. Eric is very well rounded and great to work with on all levels. His passion for Jesus and his heart for worship makes him the perfect fit for any worship setting.

Aaron Anderson
Youth Pastor
Mountain View Community Church


First off, thank you.

10401108_30354149339_3357_nThank you for your interest in having me be a part of your event. It is an honor for me that you would desire to have me come and serve alongside you, and I don’t take it lightly. In order to faithfully prioritize what God’s called me to, I try to be as prayerful, wise, and discerning as possible in selecting prospective events. The following form is helpful towards that end.



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